First Five Things To Do With A New Ubuntu Install

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  1. You didn't mention that we need download .deb, not rpm. I can see all the users switching back because they tried the wrong file and it didn't "just work" like on windows, even if windows is utter crap and really stuff "just works" on Linux, not windows

  2. you should know that now you have to install micro code drives wich do help make ubuntu run on the cpu much more efficiently for that cpu brand and it helps prevent cpu studdering for cpu demanding tasks anyways

  3. I dunno why people are fussing about ubuntu, whether because of it's Unity or the system itself. Come on people! I've been using Ubuntu for a couple years, and the system is great. I never had a major issue beside the over dramatic nvidia driver. I definitely recommend ubuntu, it's the best gate to the Linux world.

  4. when you type the sudo command to install where is it pulling the file from? does this command actually search online and download / install all at once? if so, where is it downloading from?

  5. I think thats what puts people off using any Linux distro; the terminal. Having such close access to system files is a scary experience if you don't know what you're doing and/or don't know what you're looking at. And since most users have sensitive or valuable files/applications, they don't want to mess around in terminal/command prompt so as to not corrupt data or internal communications. This is why I recommend getting/finding an old tower and actually build the hardware system yourself. I learned a lot from building computers either given by a friend or lying around on the street for scrap. Having the hardware system knowledge, jumping into software is easier since you know how to fix potential hardware problems, and since its an old practise machine nothing bad will happen if you mess up.

  6. Just joined your channel and have used Ubuntu before and found it very good but need to learn more but I find you a bit quick as I am a newbie so if you go a bit slower I look forward to more videos from you

  7. Terminal… That's why people are not using Linux… I've used MS-DOS myself and it was fun, but back in the 90s… We have XXI century now and typing commands is… Well, people don't want to do it anymore (in general, about 2-3% of computer users do, I know).

  8. After my Windows 10 machine crashed, I decided to just wipe the slate clean and install Ubuntu 16.04. From then on I adored Linux, but I was devoted to stock Ubuntu until I found other amazing flavors of Debian that appealed more to my liking such as Elementary OS, Solus, and Lubuntu. (all Ubuntu based ik) I outta give Arch a try in Virtual box too.

  9. I just installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and did apt update and upgrade, installed nvidia graphics and then installed the extras. When I reboot and type my login I can't enter and comes to the same login screen, some help please.

  10. This is what scares people off getting Linux, normal people don't key in code, they use a graphical interface. When you start showing off what a "bad ass" you are by using the terminal, all you do is make people think it's too complicated for them. Why not do a video where you do all that stuff like a normal person would?

  11. ok so steam is not working on mine, and i have the icon up and everything. i went and got the exe version and running it through wine but i think this is lagging it out more so than if i got the version that actually works for linux. i did "sudo apt-install steam" is there a difference if theres a slash between apt and install? please help

  12. My two little starter hints for new ubuntu users:

    1. meta(windows key) + W
    spreads out all your open windows so you can see in real time whats going on in each one. you can simply click and select to go to the application. run your games in borderless window / window so that they behave nicely!

    2. alt + drag
    (this is also true in gnome desktops) you can move your windows around effortlessly without having to grab them at the top bar by simply [alt + drag]ging them from wherever! you can also resize with alt + middle mouse button drag without having to exactly hit the edges.

    Once you get used to those, you don't want to go back! There are plenty more usability features, don't be afraid to explore.

  13. I have intel hd graphics 4000 but the driver detect my graphic card as intel ivybridge mobile.
    I try it to install intel hd propietary drivers but doesnt work.
    Anyone know how solve this problem?
    Sorry for my bad english im spanish xD

  14. The graphic driver update just killed my VM xD

    Can you tell me how to install virtual graphic driver on a Ubuntu VM.
    I dont know if its right, but I discovered VMware guest GL driver installation from mesa 3D.
    Would be cool, if you could tell me how to install virtual Graphic drivers. Wanted to test playing on a Ubuntu VM

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