First Look at Solus, Fastest Growing Linux Distro 2018

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Saw Solus hit #5 on and had to check it out. It’s looking to be a solid linux distribution but you’ll need to learn it’s package manager (and corresponding terminal commands)

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  1. Nice presentation BUT you missed a critical element of Solus. Support of SNAPd. There is not one app I have looked for and have not been able to find and install seamlessly. SNAPd is a "Universal package manager as Canonical likes to call it. It means that packaging no longer needs to be distro specific. Devs just create a snap and users can use it from any distro. That takes a big load off the shoulders of devs and provides us more packages without worrying about support.

  2. Hi Chris, Is there any way to get hold on the tutorial"How to Build a Save Screen +Example | Part 3 | Unity 5.6 C# Scripting Tutorial" And the files are missing too. I have follow all the videos but are missing the last one. Please let me know how get it or if you are going to charge for it. It´a great tutorial you made and I hope you let me finish it. Thank you in advance.

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