First-look at the Twitter PWA for Windows 10

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If you are on Windows 10 built 17133 (RS_4) and a Windows Insider you can get the Twitter PWA now. If not, you’ll have to wait until RS4 launches in early April! Store:

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  1. i actually like the current twitter app for Windows vs the Web and other platform's Twitters… All they really needed to do was update the character count. It looks way better on windows now vs ios and android anyway

  2. The only thing that impresses me with this is the presentation-video itself.
    I actually understood what a Twitter PWA was, watching this video.

    What I cannot understand is why Microsoft (or Twitter, whoever develops this application) puts resources into the development.
    Have they never heard of something called a web-browser?

    I am on Twitter, but will not waste my time with something as useless as this application. Much easier to just open a web-browser of my choice and log in on their web-site. Probably a lot safer, as well…

  3. It's really disappointing to see this guy showing this mobile app with excitement, listen, windows is meant to run powerfull apps, now these dumb down wannabe android shit that's going on. Android and iOS move forward and windows platform is being denigrated day by day.

  4. Regarding the back buttons: I'd like to see support for hardware mouse buttons to go back and forth. Many mices have those buttons on the side and supporting them in apps would make navigating a lot smoother.

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