Fix 100% CPU,Memory and Disk Usage

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High Memory usage in windows 10,8.1,8,7
How to fix it and how to stop it.

Watch all 3 steps and solve the problem.

Step 1
open Task manager , find the high memory using program right click from CPU section for view (set affinity) .
Widows 10 user can follow the video for view set affinity.

Step 2
Registry editor.
Find the prefetchparameters and change value

Step 3
Disable and stop the following services.
Windows search, Super fetch, background Intelligent Transfer…


  1. I did all the steps however my computer still getting lag issues when it start again. The weird thing is if I keep the windows task manager open the lag problem stop and the cpu slow down to 25% and the ram to 1.43 GB. Any advice with this, I need some help here, I don't want to keep open the task manager every single time.

  2. So you have a program, which used 100% cpu. There might be multiple reasons, like IO utilization. You throttled it on CPU (took away few cores) now it cannot finish whatever it wanted to do so fast and stays active longer. Not only it will make the performance of that specific program worse, but it might make performance of the overall system worse and also it might impact your battery life negatively.

    This solution is the type of solutions: "Oh I have a 'check engine' light in my car". "Go ahead and disable dashboard console, and the light will go away".

  3. DEE Z Plz advise. I followed the instruction, but now my keyboard doesn't work, I have to use onscreen keyboard. And the computer is extremely slow. Plz help. Thnx.

  4. Holy shit , dude it worked and my Notebook was stuck on cpu 100% for like a month now, thanks alot! +1 Sub <3

    The prefetcher thing was doing something to my pc to make it slow ๐Ÿ™
    but its all good now thanks to this vid! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Its goes to 100% for usage sometimes but usually ends up dropping back down to 5 % in acouple of seconds

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