FIX Acer Aspire Windows 8 WiFi Stuck Disabled / Airplane Mode Problem FIXED

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This is how to fix an airplane mode bug on the Acer Aspire V3-551G. WiFi gets stuck disabled and the option is grayed out even though airplane mode is off. The function key combination only toggles airplane mode and not wifi. This occurs even though the wireless network adapter is enabled.


  1. it's really sad how stressed out I was when I hoped on my laptop and my wifi wasn't working SMH I had to reset my computer to factory setting. then I plugged up my Internet like they had to do back in the day. Then I did exactly as you did on this video and now my wifi is back!! thank you !!

  2. Thanks a lot dude. My acer hotkey wireless not working after after disable it. From windows 10 to windows 7 then windows 10 back to update this bios. After that it works as usual. Not gonna touch that wireless function key anymore.

  3. I've been messing about with this problem all day – I tried SFC and DISM and various updates – I came round to thinking the problem was in the BIOS, but I felt that updating the BIOS was a bit drastic/dodgy –

    In the end I got into the BIOS using F2 and start-up to see if there was a switch – there wasn't – but under 'Exit' you can 'restore' the BIOS – did that and hey presto – WIFI works!

  4. Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! I have the same laptop! All of a sudden this was the case! And it is not handy while travelling you know! Thanks a lot!!!!! BIG (Y) up!!!

  5. Yep! This was it, worked like a charm!
    After trying out every other method in the book, uninstalling, disabling, refreshing, diagnosing and what so ever on that driver… it turned out that the BIOS had an error.
    To my surprise I've installed the same version, with the same id, from their website, just that, this one worked.
    Can you believe it, the same thing, worked only the 2nd time around…

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