Fix games lag on Windows 10

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Solve lag on FPS games and Network games in windows 10 or 8 or 7. How to fix game lagging.
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Steps :
1: Adjust power management .
2: Set virtual memory
3: Also set your visual effects to best performance

You can follow this steps, If you getting randomly lag on Network game play or Online game play :

Go to game Options or Settings. Analysing with different graphics options, Reducing – screen…


  1. help me plzz!! I have window10 64bit,radeon r5,amd8,4gbram spec. I got lag in my game (pes17,gta4,etc) but I can play it smooth in my other pc which is i3,4gbram,window7sp1 spec. can I know what the problem there? is it the window10?

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