fix scanner problems quickly windows 7 canon imageclass 4450

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Scanner not working, Canon scanner showing error “connect computer” With Thanks to Mr.PrintingEx, A verified expert at


  1. This is a nice workaround, but it doesn't solve the problem of the scanner not operating correctly. Best advice is to remove all the Canon software from the PC, and download the newest driver from Canon.

  2. Good video..
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  3. Sigh, still did not work. My scanner worked once last week, but that's the only time in two years it has worked. Then it stopped working again saying "connect to computer". It simply REFUSES to connect to my computer to scan. Printing works fine, drivers all installed.

  4. I got the same problem with Canon MP530. It doesn't work it's software "MP Navigator 2.2". I passed through, as suggested here; had to save the document in "png" in a file; reopen this "png" with a PDF software (mine is Nuance Converter 6)… it forced the image through, and then save it as a PDF.
    I have the impression that, not only we are at a new "era" of "updating new software" in any device that you can find; where the have to make money somehow, which would be the reason why they have to "updating" your already existing program to a "way to trick you in – Go by new software or new printer or scanners"

    Thanks to Irfan Husain. great trick!!
    Though, I am still frustrated and try to understand why I have to "pass throught other software" to get the scanner to work.
    If there were any other way to make it work simpler that I did, thanks in advance guys
    Take care

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