Fix Stuttering Games and FPS Drops in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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Additional Trouble Shooting if this didn’t totally fix your issue:
Seems like graphics drivers are not being deleted/updated/installed properly on windows 10 and it is cluttering up the system. Try this guy’s tutorial on how to properly delete old excess drivers and install a new one or a prefered driver build. This is not my video but it is an excellent easy to understand tutorial on how to do it:

Suffering from harsh Stuttering and FPS drops…


  1. Heads up guys. This may not fix the recent issues (late 2017) dealing with the windows fall creators update. That is a different problem. If you have just started having issues (2017) Microsoft is aware of the issues and they are working on a fix for the problem. If you do not want to wait you can opt into the Windows Insider Program and manually download build 17025. It works better then the current public release but still is not perfect.

  2. Wow! I dont know but this really fixed mine! I mean there's small stutters here and there sometimes but lasts only a second! Maybe its my gpu tho hahaha! Thumbs up for this man! You got a new sub! Keep it up! Really helpful content!

  3. Hey man i downloaded this but it seems to still be stuttering. I just bought an alienware pc, nvidia gtx 1080 and i7 8700, also bought a g sync monitor. I started playing runescape at high settings, graphics was nice, people running around fine, but when i start to run around the world i see stuttering every now and then. Do you have any advice for me?

  4. Only just stumbled upon this, GTX 1080 ti and i7-770k was getting great fps but awful stuttering, use this program and boom everything runs silky smooth, thank you so much for this man, works perfect =)

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