Fix Windows 10 Audio/Sound Problem | Realtek HD Audio Drivers

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This tutorial will show you how to fix common audio/sound drivers problem (or) missing audio/sound drivers problem in Windows 10 by downloading Realtek HD Audio Drivers.

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  1. I worked on this for every night after work for three days and this is the one that fixed it. I tried multiple things, so I can't swear it wasn't due to multiple things, but it was after this that it worked. This was on my Toshiba Satellite with Realtek speakers. Thank you.

  2. Problem is that once the install wizard runs and uninstalls the old drivers it is caught in a loop where it tries to uninstall but never installs the new drivers. I had no microphone before, now I have nothing.

  3. Funny thing is i have the latest drivers i could find, but heroes of might and magic 3 complete from gog has crackling sound in it,it's the only game that does that currently on windows 10 and i tried different compability mode or changing the default format for sound in the realtek hd audio manager to cd,but it didn't help what is funny that sometimes it doesn't crackle when i play the game but mostly it does crackle when i enter the game and i have to shut down the game because the sound bad

  4. When i update it the sound starts working fine again but after a while it stops again and i have to re-update it again for it to work but then stops working. Ive updated it about 6 times now but still happens, anyone know what to do?

  5. Never works for me. I run it, restart, and my old drivers are back immediately. Even if I uninstall my old drivers, they show up when I restart and RealTek is nowhere to be seen. If I don't uninstall them the same thing happens…

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