FIX!! Windows 10 Running Slow! Works On All Windows 10 PC’s! READ THE DESCRIPTION!

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FIX!! Windows 10 Running Slow!
How to activate all Processors:
1) Click “start” on the windows desktop
2) Type “msconfig’ into the search bar on the bottom
3) When the window opens go to the ‘boot’ tab at the top
4) Click “advanced options’
5) Check the box that says ‘number of processors’ and scroll to pick the maximum amount of processors on your Pc.
6) Click ‘PCI Lock’
7) UNTICK the box “Maximum Memory”
To Change Power Options To High Performance:


  1. same stupid suggestions for any problem related to performance that never fixes any problems.

    disk cleanup, remove junk and temp files, change power options to high performance … all these stuff are useless and will not help ….. if you have performance problem say 100%, then all these suggestion will reduce it by maximum 5% so it will not almost solve anything and you
    will still suffering …. buying new powerful PCs maybe is not a good idea for most of people around the world but this is the only solution to fix performance issues … buying new powerful pc with powerful RAM, processor and graphics card then everything will be ok windows 7,8,8.1,10 and any version of windows

    this is my perspective

    and to be more honest all versions of windows are big shit windows 7 or 8.1 or 10 and have many problems i tried them all … so my solution for you guys is trying all of them then decide what is the best for your PC

  2. Hard drives suck for windows 10 get a SSD also make sure there 8 GB of ram make sure the CPU good enough you need to have one above 1 ghz at lest make sure you clean the computer out and do not have junkware and adware and malware on it if your on a hard drive any program that runs with windows will slow it down fast

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