Fix: “Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings in Windows 10” [Method 2]

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Network shows “Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings” error? Try any one of these two simple methods to fix the problem

Method 1:
Method 2: This Video

Method 2: Right click on Windows start button I Control Panel I switch the “view” on top to small icons I Internet options I there are two changes to be made. 1- Connections I LAN Settings I check to enable “Automatically detect settings” 2- Advanced I click on…


  1. I'm pretty sure it's your router/modem's issue… I've done all of these fixes and switching to my older router gets rid of this issue. The problem is the old router is a POS. So if this stuff doesn't work, contact your ISP to see if they can do anything, and if possible have a repairman/technician come out and look to see what the issue is. That's what I'm doing anyway.

  2. I had to do totally opposite I had ticked on automatically detect settings and I was getting error ''Windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings'' so i ticked it off and I am not getting this error now

  3. I did that only to now get an error saying that one or more network protocols are missing on this computer, and trying to fix using admin privilege does nothing. any tips?

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