Fixing the putty “CONNECTION REFUSED” error with “windows 8” laptop and Raspbian Jessie

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Here, in this video, I have provided the method to fix the putty connection refused error which we face when dealing with newer Raspbian versions like Raspbian Jessie, as they have SSH disabled by default.

The similar videos available on currently provide the solution to above problem only if you have linux based OS installed in the computer with which you want to access the raspberry pi 3 remotely.

Here is the link to the page where all the information regarding the…


  1. Normally this procedure works for me, but this morning some other problem is at play. I gave up trying to make a new ssh file, no matter what I did Notepad saved it as a text file, so I left it in and it booted. I've been using a ssh file with no extension that is saved on my desktop and I've used it quite a few times with no problems. This is the first time ever I have got Putty to work with a ssh.txt file.

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