Fixing The Windows 10 Update KB4074588 That Breaks USB Keyboard / Mouse

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Fixing The Windows 10 Update KB4074588 That Breaks USB Keyboard / Mouse

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  1. It appears you can also pull the HID drivers from the Drivers/Driverstore folder over from a working install and keep the KB installed, and have functioning USB. They will of course be overwritten in the future if MS mucks with the USB HID drivers again.

  2. I've found that most commonly, the issue manifests on pre-built PCs from companies such as HP, Dell, and Asus. Custom build PCs using retail boards, don't really seem to have the issue. It makes me wonder if there's something that OEM system builders are doing, to cheap out on parts, and that's what is causing the issue.

  3. I haven't had the misfortune to run into this yet. Can you still boot from a USB stick? If you just need to get to a command prompt to fix this, you can do that with the install media.

  4. Side topic I had HUGE issues trying to get a fully working distro on my laptop – Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35 2014 . I ended up finding the best solution was first seabois + GalliumOS , then later MRCHROMEBOX released an coreboot awesome firmware for linux on chromebooks, everything finally works correctly , but Ubuntu mate and other distros wont work correctly on sound or wfii since theirs no good way of installing intel BAY TRAIL drivers , this is one of the hurldes I see , you just cant download a zip file from intel/,etc, run an . DRIVER file and bang it installs and you reboot , its drop to dos, type this in , add this, kernal compile, etc , most users dont want the bs or issue of dropping to dos to fix someting they know how to do in a GUI from windows

  5. If Linux puts in proper universal driver model , unifed way to install stuff on all distros (flatpak/snaps/appimage), adds proper AMD drivers and ATOM/Bay/cherrytrail dirvers , along with a way to share files in file manager for samba , i would never need windows ever again and just refuse to buy games that dont support OpenGL or LINUX

  6. Another solution is to have a wifi enabled mouse/keyboard, so for example I have unified remote on my phone/pc meaning I can turn my phone into a touchpad or keyboard whenever it might be more convenient.

  7. Just checked my update history and I have KB4074588 installed and haven't had any problems yet with this Cumulative Update seems like updates are breaking things more than they are actually fixing the problems and issues in windows 10

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