Flash Vs HTML5 GAMES ON Linux Ubuntu

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Flash Vs HTML5 GAMES ON Linux Ubuntu
HTML5 is buggy , slow , full of security whole. Flash over all is just better.
MARIO in Flash Full-screen



  1. I'be see some demo on html5 WebGl performance and I think flash is year above html5 technology. Unity engine 5 will implement an html5 exporter on the 5th version of the game engine, if you won remain tied to a plugin that works only for bididimensional graphics you can but html5 is far away from it and it's better. Otherwise is natively supported by Web browser without installing a stupid 3Rd part plugin

  2. What the HELL are you talking about ?
    Most cell Phone Apps a first built in Flash CS6 , and then exported as native apps. Rovio make all it's game in Flash first !
    Look at this video >>> /watch?v=yOtnRSaoK-c

  3. I'm searchig for a solution because I want to play Angry Birds and some other games in my netbook with Ubuntu and I get a very very slow experience with this game neither in Google Chrome or Firefox. I want to play this game at the normal speed not all slowed down.
    But my CPU usage is always near 100%. Why this new technology use a lot of processing for only a few things? That does not have practical usage :P.

  4. @GreenOrangeStudios Doesn't run fast in all browsers, but Flash runs almost the same speed in all browsers . Look at Adobe Edge then look at Adobe Flash CS5.5 , and you will see how much better Flash is than HTML5. Hell even Flash 2004 is better than Adobe Edge/HTML5 .

  5. @DJEmergency Apple gives you the OS cheap , because they know you have to buy their over priced hard to use it. I however have OSX Lion running smoothly on my HP/PC Intel Quad Core 8GB 1TB HD. Hell all you need to do is edit the Bootloader, and BIO'S. Mac is o.k. , but it basically has the same stuff as Linux. Only a small handful of the paid software on Mac is worth have, but most of the stuff Linux already has for free.
    Mac has quicksilver
    Linux has GnomeDO

  6. @DJEmergency microsoft(dot)com /presspass/features/2009/jul09­/07-20linuxqa.mspx <– open source lol . July 20, 2009 "Microsoft released 20,000 lines to the Linux community" , and has been working with Linux programmers for a few years. "there's so many distros that it will confuse an average everyday user." You're buying in to Apple's marketing that all people all stupid . Apple love pounding the idea into people's head that you are to dumb to think for yourself. They lie.

  7. @maw88ify opensource.apple dot com <– open source lol You're too funny man! Microsoft's doesn't even release anything open source and you protect them more than Apple. LOL No offense dude, but all OS makers steal from each other. You can't point all fingers at just Apple. Give me a break here…. Apple's OS = $35, Microsoft's OS = $129-$300, Linux = Free. Linux is cool and all, but there's so many distros that it will confuse an average everyday user.

  8. @DJEmergency I wouldn't hate Apple if they opened their OS , and let people install the OS on an hardware. However Apple is locked down, and Apple sues , and fights with everyone. Apple took tons of idea's from Linux, BSD, and sued Psystar, and Samsung. Apple lied about Adobe , and Flash , and start a war with Adobe, and a hate campaign against Microsoft with their advertising. Apple lies saying "world's most advanced desktop operating system" it basically BSD,they price gouging.

  9. @DJEmergency You clearly don't have a clue what Flash is … There is Flash the Plug-in , and Flash CS5.5 the software, and because you have never used it you would never understand that

  10. You nit pick on everything Apple which clearly points you out to be an obsessive hater. Stop while your ahead man. Every OS has it's good points and bad points. I just prefer Mac better than Windows and Linux, because of issues I had with them. I'm not finished with my set of videos. I am still going to create videos of why Windows is better and why Linux is better.

  11. I'm going to comment on this video too. I just ran the HTML5 version of this Mario game and it runs perfectly smooth for me. Yes it depends on the browser just like it does with Flash. I don't get your point on this video of what your making, because you clearly don't see why everybody is switching over to HTML5. With Flash it's a plugin that you install and it does use up more system resources than HTML5. By your videos it look like your a straight Apple hater for everything.

  12. @DonaghCunningham Flash suck on Mac , and all Unix based, and Unix-like OS . That's why Steve Jobs slams Adobe Flash in an open letter, and that's why Adobe is pissed at Apple. Even Apple says Flash sucks for any UNIX like/based OSes.

  13. @N0rx0q Sure it could be, but the point is Flash works on all main browsers correctly , and HTML5 does not. Flash is a tool for artist , and programmers , and HTML5 is only a programmer tool.

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