FLDigi MiniProSC FT-817ND Quick Setup Guide on Ubuntu Linux EP04

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In this video we setup the ZLP MiniProSC audio interface on the Yaesu FT-817ND and FLDigi on Ubuntu Linux. The guide covers connections, rig settings, USB port/bus assignment, selecting ports in FLDigi, PTT settings, and audio level controls. The guide is also valid for the SignaLink USB audio interface.

This is the fourth video in the Ultra Portable Digital comms series. The series will continue forward with other configuration guides, and…


  1. Julian,
    I am new to amateur radio, I just got my technician license this past weekend and I am already studying for my general. I am very interested in low power hf and digital modes. I plan on getting a ft-817nd and a mini pro sc. I have not decided on a antenna yet. Do you know if fldigi will run on a raspberry pi 3 running Linux?? I figure I can make a real lite setup that is not very power hungry. Thanks for your videos and time. Very helpful to a newb like me. 73s

  2. Hi Julian. I finally ordered one for my KX2, also with an unterminated cable for my PRC-320. Also got an adaptor for my Android phone. Looking forward to chat with you using digital modes portable 🙂 Thanks again for the tutorials!

  3. Hey Julian, was curious how you are liking your MiniProSC. I was curious if you find it inconvenient not being able to adjust the transmit and receive levels on the unit like you can on the pro 3 or the pro plus?

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