Forget Windows 10! Linux Mint USB Stick Install EP121

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Now it’s time to make the move from Windows to Linux Forever!!! All the Windows 10 Lovers or Haters can enjoy this together 😁


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  1. I've been working with linux almost 8 years, recently i switched to windows again because of certain issues with the software…adobe and microsoft stuff and because my co-workers use windows too.

  2. Hello, Geek Outdoors. You know, it would be really helpful to get some help from you guys when it comes to installing Linux Mint 18 on the Intel Compute Stick (2016 Windows version with 2GB).
    Have you tried it? I was told it's a pain to get the wifi to work. How about a video on that?

    Thank you.

  3. The transition piece you did for Win 10 to Mint was excellent.  I'm not clear on whether this bootable USB stick is made on a Linux machine or can it be prepared on a Windows machine.

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