FPS Battle – Linux Mint vs. Manjaro vs. Win 10 – CS:GO

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In this video we take a non-scientific but fun approach to comparing FPS between Linux Mint, Windows, and Manjaro. What you can see in this comparison is that all of them did incredible with averages well over 300 FPS. Windows 10 not surprisingly inched out ahead but not as much as you would think considering the level of support they receive from Nvidia and the fact that Win 10 is on different drivers.

Leave your comments below about how bad I am at the game and how you have a laptop that…


  1. My ZX81 (Z80a processor 1kb of ram) built in 1981 can print CS:GO on the screen and print asterisks all over the screen around it in less than a second. You brats don't know what a real computer is. We would program our own games and use PEEK,LEN,VAL and POKE commands – better we would laugh at jokes like: PEEK VAL…POKE VAL……….and the gay version PEEK LEN, POKE LEN.

  2. After BDDL I bought CS GO the other night and practiced a bit. I would have loved to jump in the game with you guys, but never having played it I wanted to get familiar first. My 34" wide screen is only 60HZ and I'm not sure if that was the issue, but from time to time I would have screen stutter. One time it lagged bad. But most of the experience was awesome. I may have to lower settings a bit. Also, the Steam controller will take more getting used to. All in all, I didn't do half bad against medium level bots if that means anything. Great video Ryan!

  3. Honestly, you can't really tell a difference between them at least for me. Its what ever platform you want to play it on that suits you. Essential Windows 10 should have better graphics so if you want better look win 10 it is. Speed however really is all around i would faver Linux on this because some games i play on linux just run smoother and some things are better. Lets take Free game me and my friend play its awesome game if you want to join brainbread. On Windows the cross-hair is bit bigger on Linux its smaller the way my friend likes it so do i. So its up to you alone. Thanks for the video

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