Free Download, Install, Windows 8.1/10 (No USB, No DVD )

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UPDATE: Windows 8.1 Preview is no longer available for download. Download Windows 10 instead, the installation method is the same. ►

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  1. Hello, I made dualboot with two windows 10's. One is the main system which is installed normally to ssd drive. Another is installed on virtual hard drive which is located in main system's c drive. I configured bootloader using easybcd so that at pc startup I can choose which system to boot. Everything works well. But my second windows, the vhd one, won't install any updates. It gives error and says something like: "updates can't be installed on to virtual hard drives". Because windows 10 is offered as a "service" this is major disadvantage and I will miss all new features.

    Since I have seen you using the virtual hard drives a lot, I would like to ask if you have invented any workaround for this problem.

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