Freetuxtv : Watch and record live internet TV channels on Linux Mint (Ubuntu)

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Freetuxtv : Watch and record live internet TV channels on Linux Mint (Ubuntu)

FreetuxTV is a video player based on LibVLC allowing you to watch and record TV on your PC. You can also play streams from ISP television service if it provides this feature. Moreover, it is also possible to easily program your recording on each channel with different transcoding formats.

The vlc package provides all multimedia codecs required by freetuxtv.

Note: You must…


  1. I cannot launch this even after I press the Icon. I am on KDE Mint.. What do I do? It say SQLlie error database locked. How do I unlock, I have SQLite downloaded. This sou8nds as bad as KODI

  2. hi, can this website be installed on a Windows7 (US PC), cuz I'm tired of using the local websites and most of them don't have a android phone app & I'm tired of looking for a decent app that will work with the crappy 3G and Wi-Fi signal I get here in middle/east tennnessee

  3. mac lacky.
    You want to know where your passwords are. When you install linux it will ask you for a root password and then a user password. If you do not remember making them. You will have to reinstall your linux as you can not find them in your computer (unlike windoz). To install any programs you need your root password.

  4.  apt-get install freetuxtv
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree       
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package freetuxtv

    Is there a depositories I need. I am using Astro Distro over ubuntu and mint 13 depositories.

  5. I installed Freetuxtv and played the BBC news, but unfortunately the news item is 3 years old (I know this is not your fault). It seems strange that the news item is so old (it referred to an ash cloud over London and the economic impact due to the loss of trade because all flights were cancelled).

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