FSX on a MacBook Pro Part 1 (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit)

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This is part one of two of me showing you how FSX runs and preforms on a MacBook Pro.

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  1. how much ram do you have?! I have the 15" which runs the Nvidia 9400M AND the Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT. I have 4GB of DDR3 ram. do you think that will be enough. Also i have windows xp sp3 on a disk. will it run smoothy on that or should i purchase the upgrade to windoes 7?!

  2. @TheWargasmic Yeah it is very smooth. I got 60 out of it (or more, I don't have my MacBook Pro right now, so I can't tell you exactly). But the MBP gets very hot. What version of Windows are you running?

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