FSX Steam Edition – Windows 10 and FSX Steam Edition *Win7/Win10 Side by Side*

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Watch in HD! Is Windows 10 worth the upgrade for users of FSX Steam Edition? Does it work correctly and is it plagued by the same problems of Windows 8? How does it perform vs Windows 7? I answer all of those for you in this video!

FSX Steam Edition

PMDG 737-900
ORBX Pacific Northwest
ORBX Trees
Taxi2Gate KSEA
Rex 4 Direct Textures
REX Soft Clouds
WOAI traffic

System Specs
Intel I7 3960k (overclocked to 4.8ghz)
2xGTX 980
2x Samsung 840 SSD’s running in raid
16 gb of 2000 mhz…


  1. I see no performance perks going to Windows 10, I run windows 7 64 bit and have checked DX 10 preview mode with Steve dx 10 fixer and tweaks to cfg folder with all the bells and whistles you can think of for addons including Rex, Ultimate traffic and tons of Orbx airports and areas and also Run PMDG 737, I set the sliders to FTX recommended and i really dont see below 35FPS on my system and i even run BLOOM !!!, You can say i am full of shit but 2 months reading and tweaking and i found the sweet spot thats all you have to do, Find the sweet spot for your system and with the tweaking i didn't sacrifice any visual beauty at all looks perfect and real as it gets.

    But great video mate would of been some effort into it.

  2. Thanks for a great video… Just subbed! Can you help? I've got a new PC which has windows 10 (fresh install… Not upgrade) so it already has DX12. Will FSX automatically default to DX 10 to run? If not what do I have to do to get the game working? Thanks again

  3. This was very helpful because I am getting a new computer because steam did not run on Windows 7. It would not open. It kept saying steam needs to be running when I opened it in Steam. I upgraded to Win10 but my computer is just black when I start it up. So, I will get a new Win10 PC. At least I know it would work!

  4. I have FSX Steam edition on windows 10, whenever I choose my aircraft, airport, weather, etc, and then click "fly", my loading screen does not appear. It does let me fly and do what I want eventually, and also whenever I end the flight, the option screen that lets me "end flight" does not appear. can anyone help me and tell me why that is?

  5. Jordan,   I upgrade to Windows 10 and reloaded FSX. I am trying to get EzDok to work, but it is giving me the fits. Did you have any problems with it, and what version are you running now? Did you have to jump through any special hoops to get it to work? Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.Regards, Mike W.

  6. hello there! it was a very helpful video, but i have a question. i jut got myself a new pc and it has windows 10. I have fsx gold since i had my old pc. Does fsx work normally with wndows 10? please help

  7. i had windows 8.1 and took an upgrade to windows 10, my fsx stop crashing and pmdg aircrafts worked on it while when i had 8.1 it didnt work on it also REX sky textures is now not laggy

  8. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into your comparison videos, Jordan. However, as a MS customer with 4 desktops and 2 laptops I get frustrated  that MS never seem to have perfected one system never mind all the updated versions, and as far as Flightsim is concerned, I have a friend who flies virtual almost every day with very few problems and is still on Windows XP ! For myself and Flightsim, I think Windows 7 will remain.

  9. it would have helped if you synced the two video's and tried to focus on one place for more than 2 seconds, I couldn't keep track of one or the other and views from inside buildings don't really help but i'd agree windows 7 seems to be better than windows 10 on fps and load times but didn't get chance to see if the graphics were better or worse

  10. Thanks for all the hard work and time. I check your channel regularly if I am stumped on something and sometimes I even learn something that I did not know I was stumped about! Thanks again.

  11. nice to see that Win10 will not suffer the same problems as Win8.x had, but I see no reason to upgrade unless I am planning a complete reinstall (to clean things up again).

    It would be nice to see a similar video about P3D and XP10 though.
    P3D since it uses DX11 and XP10 since it can use SLI.

  12. Awesome Video As Always.

    Do you have any thoughts on windows 10 and FS9? Sadly I still run FS9 and window's 8.2 without any problem. I'd like to hear if you have any info on it or can point me in the right direction. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  13. Thank you Jordan, once again a great video.  finally I have my FSX-SE working without USB disconnecting in windows 10. I feel that FSX does run a lot better on 10  then 7 or 8.1. That said I am still having network adaptor issues in wind 10.

  14. Hey Jordan, need help

    i have ezdok but i cant get the views to work at all. I am running fsx steam edition and track ir 5. Also on windows 10. i have the pmdg 737 profiles and all that but the views dont move where they indicate. Thats Love ur videos, keep it up!

  15. Hi Jordan,
    yust for information. For clean install of W10 you do not need product key if you have updated to W10 before clean install. While installing W10 jusk skip product key form. After W10 is installed you can see that your copy is activated – when you did update to W10 MS store your HW fingerprint and will find it while clean install, so no key or activation needed

  16. I downloaded windows 10 and then ran FSX Steam.  First thing I notices is that my free flight aircraft is missing (black screen).  I can still select an aircraft that shows up at launch.  I also noticed the kneeboard option shows only a black screen.  I reverted back to windows 7 and everything works fine.  Anyone else have this problem?

  17. So much hard work to install a new OS!

    So let me ask you this: after all said and done– for all the work you have to go through to do this– why would anybody want to update from Windows 7 to windows 10? Give me one good reason why it's so necessary just because Microsoft wants u to? That's the part I really don't understand.

    I never know when it comes to updating drivers whether i shud let windows do it, or go to the manufacturer of the gpu to find the updates. And I never seem to be able to find my exact driver name or know what it is when I go on the website. My fear being I'm always going to make things worse by installing the wrong driver update.

    Just easier to let sleeping dogs lie. I'll b the guy still using Windows 7 in 2050– with or without Mr. Gate's support!

  18. When did u change ur user name to add the suffix "Gaming"? I always thought that once u open a YT account & choose a username, it can't b changed; unless u open a brand new account w that new name. Oddly enough I'm a subscriber of urs, and ur new name automatically appeared for me.

  19. Anyone who would agree to the terms of use of Windows 10 for their primary machine needs their head examined although if it was for a gaming only system then I suppose it's not as important since all the gaming services monitor and cloud store your progress and information anyway but even so, without a revolutionary gaming improvement, that spyware integrated Operating System isn't going to be allowed to infect my machines.

  20. Note: When in DX9 you should have the anti aliasing option in FSX unchecked, and set NI to override for best results. For DX10 it's the opposite,  NI is ineffective for AA (Transparency AA does work, and you should use super sampling modes only) The FSX AA option should be checked, and you set the level of AA using the DX10Fixer utility, or manually editing it into the FSX.CFG file.

  21. I honestly don't even see a difference between them. I don't see why Windows 10 is a must have system. It's not drastically different from Windows 7/8.
    And am I seriously the only person on earth who does not experience ANY problems with Windows 8? The only problems I get are VAS issues…

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