FTP Client In Windows XP – No Need to Download FileZilla!

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– If you’ve ever wanted a quick way to connect to an FTP server, either to edit/upload your website or just for general usage, then this video is sure to be for you. It’s using the Windows Explorer as the client and, in this video, I show you how!


  1. nice work Tom… always good to see young kids working well with their pc's. i try to teach my kids a bit about it all too, so may show them some of your videos. Excellent video – thanks for your time in making this easy to understand video!

  2. Hah, wish I had known this years ago when I first had AOL. I would use their client which required scads of typing and clicking for each file.

    Then I spent like 80$ on cuteFTP, which was a good program.

    Then I found FileZilla, which did everything that cuteFTP did…but for free.

    And, now, I find that I've had an FTP built into my OS the whole time 🙁

    But it's good to know. Thanks for the video, Tom.


  3. Tom, ignore losers like PKvide0s. He (or perhaps its a she) would know better if s/he got his/her face out of those damn video games and read a little. Keep up the great videos. Btw, Im 33, and I've learnt a LOT from your videos and have subscribed to your channel as well. Hope to see and learn a lot more from you. Love and luck all the way from India 🙂

  4. I am glad I ran across this video.I never knew about this option. Just last night we grappled with cuteftp, filezilla, and a online ftp. Maybe this will be the one I can use more often.

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