FULL Microsoft Windows 10 S Presentation | May 2017 Keynote

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Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop within #MicrosoftEDU Keynote 2017! Microsoft launched Apple’s MacBook competitor called Surface Laptop! Microsoft Surface Laptop has battery for 14.5 hours. Surface Laptop has 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor! Surface Laptop is ideal solution for students!

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017 with 7th Gen Intel Core i5 price is $999!!! You also can Pre-Order it today!

Windows 10 S is Light Version of Windows 10 Pro with higher optimization…


  1. if microsoft office 365 is only for student then what facilities do we get after paying 1999 Euro and the virus scanner ..it always let in doubt? App store ,it takes more then month to be update .i have buy windows 10 pro and iam facing many problems..like battry,perfomance,app store etc.

  2. i cannot belive that microsoft present that crap to us. this is sooo shit. there is so many restriction and windows 10 is so glitchy that it will be a fucking big disaster. microsoft doesn't fix any bug, they just keep making shit after shit and bug after bug. this is impressive how idiot they are

  3. So your pc is locked down to only run software from the windows store! Seriously Microsoft Seriously!!! What are you playing at. Without a doubt this is a sign that we need to start working on a replacement for Microsoft.. Read the details guys get into the guts of it you won't like what you see.

  4. NO.. under no circumstances will i pay an extra $50 to gain permission to use programs I've paid for or prefer to use. I purchase a computer.. it does what i tell it to… MicroSoft will NOT make those choices for me.. go to hell WINDOWS 10S

  5. You do realize u can already block apps with 64 and 32 but got pay 50 bucks to get full version so people go to their store it is the biggest joke it should be l for limited

  6. most student will never be able to afford the surface laptop,,windows 10 s the s stands for spying, they say to upgrade to windows 10s pro is free for now later $49 no upgrade path so if u get a cheap pro with 128gig hd if u want to upgrade 500gig ssd u cant,,think he jsut told us to go pick up a pro did he mean a street worker

  7. if you wacth apple keynote from 10 year ago is the same…. speakers from the keyboard? anatomy apps? xD microsoft Macbook from 200 less? not thaks.

  8. The only problem with Microsoft products is that they run Windows, a confused, unattractive, unpolished, clunky OS that can do a lot but in ways that require a lot of patience.

  9. Dam Microsoft :(. Every new product you created always lack something that I want such as this new surface, it has most things I want except it is not convertible and if it is, it should be call Microsoft Surface flip, Oh yeeh?

  10. Oh god, another we are all the same equality speech. This is how to destroy the world.
    If you are a white male forget working for these people. They would rather go bankrupt
    than to hire someone who can do the job.
    And cut the stupid music!

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