Full Overview | Windows 7 Start Menu and Taskbar Customization | Part 1/3

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This Windows 7 Start Menu and Taskbar Customization video will describe each and every customization option available in Start Menu and Taskbar Properties. You can customize Start menu and Taskbar to your preferences. What’s new in Windows 7 Start Menu and Taskbar and many more?

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  1. The options to combine or not combine task bar buttons is another example of a lousy idea that Microsoft integrated into widows that made it worse. I hate having to choose one of those stupid buttons to be taken back to the program. You should just click it and it should take you back to the window.

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  5. I think that somehow the Aero feature has been disabled or you have changed the theme. Right-click on Desktop and choose Personalize. Here choose any theme from Aero (Theme) section.

    Hope it will solve your problem.

  6. please help me my taskbar when i used to just hover over it gave me an overview or that window in just a small screen but something happened and now when i hover over it just a written box appears telling me what is opened in written text please help me help help me iwant my overview thing back waiting for your early response

  7. Your question is a little bit confusing. I think you didn't understand the Auto Hide feature of Taskbar completely. Auto Hide means when you move your mouse away from the Taskbar then the Taskbar will get hide and when you will again move the mouse pointer near to the Taskbar position, it will reappear. If the Taskbar is not on Auto Hide mode then all the application that you will open in Maximize mode will cover up all the screen except the Taskbar area.

  8. No I am not using an theme or anything else. This is an inbuilt feature of Windows 7. Right-click on the Taskbar and choose Properties. Under Taskbar tab there is an option "Taskbar Buttons". You can choose Never Combine or Combine When Taskbar is full. This way you may able to see the Taskbar Button including Text.

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