Full PC Image Backup with Raspberry pi / UrBackup

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Full PC Image Backup, in this tutorial i will be showing you how to turn your raspberry pi in to a backup machine! support windows, linux, and mac os clients. thanks for the view!

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  1. sorry it took so long to get another video out, between being very busy over the past few weekends and getting my new server up and order… i had a hard time trying to get videos out. but everything should be back to normal now!!

  2. Thank you so much Don. Nice! I am setting this up today. I think that this is what I've been looking for. I have a bunch of computers and stuff on my network. I run Windows 10 them all and this sure beats the Windows 7 Image backup that I've been using. Thanks again.


  3. Could you recommend a SBC that would work with a NAS/Synology/Multi Bay HDD storage all with SATA connections that I could run a SATA cable to do what you did. Also how about a script to automate the process like a CRON Job.

  4. Very useful! I happen to have a spare pi 2 w/wi-fi single laying around, and a gaming machine with no backup, so this is perfect.

    One question: is it easy to set this to back up/restore a system with multiple partitions? My gaming rig has 2 drives. Thanks!

  5. Interesting. I use a free version of Macrium Reflect which is Windows software. It backs up full system images to my Pi using Samba shares on the Pi over the network. It seems to be a cleaner way to do this imo – but great video nontheless!

  6. Outstanding Don! I was looking for a good ongoing solution for this. One thing to note for everyone – the drive will spin down when not in use so this is a very good topology for always on backup.

  7. Nice video Don! Haven't watched one of your videos in a while. Love this one as I'm looking to do some work in a maker space and this may be a cool project to work on with some youth!

  8. Great video 😀 could you please make a tutorial on how to setup a pxe-server on raspbian to boot Clonezilla, Ubuntu and Windows setup from pxe on EFI and BIOS :3 I‘ve tried it so many times and it drives me nuts over and over again :/

    Greetings from Germany 😉

  9. Hi Don,
    Looks great. My wife and daughters PCs are not backed up and I have been looking for an easy way. Even if I don't have a RPi, do you think this would be good software? I like the idea of live and incremental. Does the windows client slow the user's machine down? Thanks for the great videos! Scott

  10. Hi am looking all over for a video on the "How to bridge two 'Raspberry pi ' together via mqtt or through web server" or one Raspberry pi control another Raspberry pi gpio…
    any thoughts ?

  11. Thank you for videos. I learn something new for me from them.
    Nice software, but works only with Windows clients.
    For Windows PC's drive image backup I use default instruments, and for files backup I used resilio sync, but android app works not good now, so I switched to Syncthing, which works good, but because of android limitations can't write files into sdcard.

  12. It's amazing Don, I am a great fan of your tutorial and the way you explain things. If possible then please do the same video with Ubuntu OS backup with all the settings and application.

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