Full Windows 10 Install on thin client HP t510

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I install Windows 10 onto an HP t510 thin client.


  1. Hi Peter!
    Can you tell a bit more about this client running win10? Will it allow to watch streaming videos or will it struggle? What about running MS Office, watching videos?
    Thank you

  2. I have a thin client t5740 probably a bit similar to yours except mine is even thinner. Well anyways for some reason i cannot install anything above windows xp on it. Its kind of odd though beause i installed windows 7 on even older and cheaper hardware than what this one has but yet it always freezes on these thin clients. This is what happens to me: the usb begins to load the files and then when it says ''starting windows'' it just freezes and doesn't proceed.

    My isos are not corrupt and even the windows 10 and windows 8 do the same thing. Any suggestions? I would like to think my knowledge with these types of things are at least a little above average

  3. I have a HP T5570 instead, but the exterior of yours looks exactly the same as mine, except that mine comes with a smaller heatsink and no hard disk, just a 2GB flash memory inside.
    I do however install Linux Mint on my T5570, but I added a 16GB Kingston DataTraveler on the USB ports underneath the top cover, mine has 2 hidden usb ports underneath the top cover.
    Anyways, I never know the HP T series can run Windows 10 fine! Good job you done there.

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