Full Windows 8 install on HP t510 thin client

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Upgrading then Installing windows 8 on an HP t510 thin client.
Installing Windows 10 on this thin client:

Produced and Edited by Peter Clarke aka Pedro 2014


  1. Sorry, my Apacer 512 MB and fried it, managed to make me detect my 320 gb hard drive, the HP Compaq T5530 works, I skip a memory error (I think the operating system was housed in the Apacer) can do That had an operating system with the hard disk if it was detected without the apacer?

  2. Hope he realizes there also a sat power plug and sata port hidden under the wireless card just below the battery.
    Easy to miss if you dont look or check the specs more indepth.

    This makes installing a large ssd simple and removes the slowness of older ide drives.

  3. I have HP T5730's and when you remove the Apacer 44 pin IDE DOM flash drive, it's pins 1 and 2 are inverted that of a 44 pin IDE laptop. Looking at the face of both drive connectors with pins 1 of both on the right end of the connector: pin 1 on the laptop drive is on the top row and pin 1 on the DOM is on the bottom row. The 44 pin connector on the circuit board also has pin 1 marked and no matter which way you connect the hard drive on the ribbon cable pin 1 on the circuit board either goes to pin 2 on the hard drive or to the wrong end if you turn the drive over. I'm looking at a I-Opener F-F crossover cable that inverts all the pins: (1,2)–(2,1), (3,4)–(4,3), (5,6)–(6,5), ——, (41,42)–(42,41), (43,44)–(44,43). Don't know if this will work with pins 19 and 20 (GND and Key) will invert disconnecting that ground. I was wondering if anybody else ran into this problem.

  4. Hi Peter, I also have a t510, I've re-imaged the machine… Currently at the windows login prompt, however, I'm having difficulty getting admin privileges despite typing Administrator admin as the people online tell me, any clues?

  5. Hi Peter, I have these thin clients with no OS as their flash is erased. Could you please tell me what is factory shipped OS in these thin clients which can be used to initiate RDP connection in a Domain environment? Also guide installation instructions.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi peter, I also have the same hp thin client and want to install windows in it. You have installed an IDE hdd in it which is awesome! i tried searching IDE hdd but the results i am getting are the ones with power supply. however in the video there is no separate power supply for the hdd. can you please explain this? or i am searching the wrong thing.

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