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  1. Before CRT's for monitoring printers were used for output (1977). I remember in 1978 the computer lab got 6 CRT's to view input and output. Besides ASCII we had a crude GUI similar to the GEOS (graphical environmental operating system) on the C64 and C128 home PC in the 1980's. Our workstations had 4K RAM, and programs were stored on the Mathematics Department mainframe computer hard drive. The year before, 1977, I was still using punch cards. Only graduate students were permitted to use the labs where the printers were used for output.

  2. yes isn`t there for fun (indeed I`d suggest it isn`t much fun!), it`s a productivity tool. The way you use it is to pipe it into a process that asks a lot of questions if you just want to default all the answers to yes (actually "y"). You can also use anything else as the response simply by adding an argument. Hence:

    yes | questioner

    will run questioner and answer "y" to all of its prompts

    yes no | questioner

    will do the same but answer "no" to every prompt.

  3. Back in another life sitting in front of a terminal in the middle of the night after being called out while waiting for things to happen I would often find myself putting silly words into banner.

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