Gaming on a Free OS — Episode 2: Ubuntu

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Ubuntu gives us a nice and refreshing breath of air, especially with a $0 price tag, when compared to the SteamOS results in Episode one, beating it out with as much as 2000% the performance.

This is largely in part thanks to the proprietary nvidia drivers which so many of you suggested in the last video—so hopefully this one does the process justice. WHICH OS DO YOU USE?? (comment below)


Ubuntu —
Rufus —…


  1. I'm an old linux veteran and I'll be going with steamos for my new gaming PC build. I think it's exiting, but if I run into any problems, I'll probably go with my favorite ubuntu variant: kubuntu.

  2. Linux Mint is the best os right now it has a choice of 3 settings for updates the lowest being don't break anything which means it updates without breaking the os to point it won't boot none of the other os's have this feature which I find a puzzling thing .

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