Geany – Fast and Lightweight IDE – Ubuntu 10.10

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Description: A fast and lightweight IDE
Geany is a small and lightweight integrated development environment. It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which
has only a few dependencies from other packages. It is using only the GTK2 toolkit and therefore you need only the GTK2
runtime libraries to run Geany.

The basic features of Geany are:
* syntax highlighting
* code…


  1. Hi bro, i need to know how debug a C project with Geany IDE, can you help me??
    I was installed geany-plugins, but the Debug menu doesn't show in the menubar.
    I used Debian 8. Thanks folk

  2. @gotbletu as i remember realbasic have some kind of VB to RB code converter.Also you can build apps verry verry fast.First ferw mounths version for linux has bean free the bum 99 dolars.You can get only trial you have rpm,deb and tar.gz packages.Gambas is only for linux i tryed and it is good,atleast for someone ho know writing apps in VB but dont have to many documentation to learn from:(

    Sorry on my english 😀

  3. @gotbletu
    The system("pause"); thing executes pause. Its like running a terminal command. So you could even do system("sudo apt-get");. But these things don't work well on other operating systems. (There is no pause command on linux). This is not as bad but avoid system("") when you don't need it.

  4. @gotbletu Here are the differences:
    int main() makes your main function have an integer return type while void main() doesn't assign any return type and is bad. You generally return a random value and void main() wont compile on most compilers. Actually I think MS's compilers are the only one that allow it. void main() will get you fired fast.

  5. @n3wu53r Projects….with you are working with many files is better to organize it in a project to build and run a program. It might be the only difference I could spot so far. Anothers have spoken about CodeBlocks, that one is is a good also, had no idea that there's for linux also

  6. @n3wu53r lols yea i ran into those 2, system("pause"); i just replace it with cout << "Press enter to continue.."; cin.get(); and with void main(), i just replace it with int main() not sure what the differences are tho, but seems like is working fine

  7. @gotbletu Just a heads up. If you go further in to programming classes at school when you start with the GUI you can't do that at home without windows since they will start making you use win32.

    Second they can teach a lot of bullshit stuff in these Microsoft classes such as void main() and system("pause");

    Finally when you do GUI apps on Linux GTK isn't exactly super C++ friendly. The QT toolkit it much more suited for that, but QT is a framework and adds tons of stuff on top of C++.

  8. Anjuta, NetBeans, and Kdevelop are good. Geany I use to just open files for a quick edit or something like this. I use as most Eclipse for java and Mono for .NET aplications(great for C#). Try it out, you might like it

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