GeForce GTX 970 in Mac Pro vs. Hackintosh Benchmark

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Heaven Benchmark with GTX HD 4870 and GTX 970.
Driver for OS X 343.01.01f02

Mac Pro with Yosemite and Windows 8
Hackintosh with Yosemite and Windows 8.1

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  1. Hey Kimchi TechPie, I know this is a very old video at this point but I still mess around with my 2010 12 core Mac Pro and I have a question for you… Are you able to get windows to detect that there are 2 physical processors on your Mac Pro or does it only detect 1? I installed windows 10 so it is not supposed to be supported but it works only problem is it is only utilizing 1 processor instead of 2. I want to know if windows 7 will actually solve this problem or not so maybe you can check or remember this part of your testing? I really hope you see this comment

  2. Do you get lag spikes on the part where the floating city gets close to the camera? i have a Mac Pro 5,1 with bootcamp along with GTX 970 and GTX Titan X liquid cooled and it lags on it no matter what GPU or CPU. I tried dual 4 core, I tried dual 6 core, and i tried single 6 core all xeon's but i get lag spikes no matter what. I get lag spikes a lot while playing Rust but I think it might be a cpu issue? are all the CPU's garbage? do you think if i installed an i7-990x in my mac pro it would make a difference for gaming? What is your experience with lag spikes? please tell me you will have some answers for me… I really dont feel like building a gaming pc and going through all that.

  3. I get 2937 Scores with 116,6 fps average and 219,1 fps max. with Default and a x5675 & GTX 780 (macvidcards) 16 GB 1333MHz RAM on Bootcamp xD The GTX 970 in a Mac Pro 2009 /5.1 have nothing big improvements 😀

  4. Why did you put the card on the upper slot? The lowest slot is especially for VGA cards, it's PCIe x16.

    Oh, I just saw it's a 2009 Mac Pro. If I remember correctly, every PCIe slot is x16 on that Mac Pro.

  5. I removed OS X 10.10.4 on my PC because on all benchmarks, the Hackintosh lost a TON of FPS compared to Windows.

    My GPU:
    EVGA GTX 780 Ti Classified SC

  6. Hi guys is there a guide of installation the driver for mac ox s yosimite ?
    I have gtx 970 installed in my mac pro with yosimite and it doesn't show even te boot screen, the first image appears on the screen is the windows logo when I choose windows as the boot os, help please, I neet to meke this work on my mac os x.

  7. Great Benchmark vids!
    I just bought a gtx970 for my Gigabyte Hackintosh running on mavericks. Crashes on Osx startup during the spinner. Spent a work day on forums with the same problem.

    The nvidia webdriver installer will not run either claiming the system is incompatible with the installer. What do I try next before I return the card and go back to my trusty 760?

  8. Hi brother, firstly, i like to congratulate you for this video, and ask your help.
    Im from Brasil, so, sorry for the mistakes in writing.
    I used a GTX760 and it works fine, but, after changing the 760 by 970, i need to start my system with some codes, and its too slow.
    Can you disponibilize the driver that you used to install the GTX or show where you download it?
    Thanks man!

  9. Would you still say that with some upgrades; SSD, 16gb RAM and a modern gpu the 2009 mac pro is still a good computer? I am thinking of upgrading from my 2008 8 core which is slowly dying and my air can't handle heavy tasks…


  10. Thanks for sharing this, you may just have saved me buying another graphics card. I was looking at getting either a 970 or 980 to put in my Mac Pro but after viewing this I'm not going to bother.  
    The reason?  Im currently running a 680 which scores higher than the card in the video.  The only reason i can come up with is that the Mac Pro is PCIe 2 (5GTs) and the GTX 6/7/9 series are PCIe 3 thus creating a bottle neck, the 970 / 980  shouId be capable of more its just being strangled by the PCIe slot.
    I'm sure someone will correct me if this is incorrect or there is some other reason.

  11. Could the case be, why the GTX 970 runs so slowly in the Mac, that the graphics card runs at a PCIe x4 Slot? Because the upper two Slots in the Mac Pro are full-length, but got only four lanes

  12. Hey Kimchi Techpie, I need your help.  I bought the 960 Atrix and it looked like the power connector only needs one 6pin connector whereas my old GTX 570 needed two of them.  Anyway, I installed the new card and tried to boot but nothing on the screen and after 30 seconds, the machine powers off.   When I have my case panel off, I see that the fan on the card spins up then stops… suggests to me that there may not be enough power feeding it? 

    What am I doing wrong?  I don't have the drivers installed yet and I don't even know which one to get. Does it require a hacked driver or just the latest one from nVidia for OS X 10.10 will do?  


  13. I have a Mac Pro 5.1 Mid 2012. With Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB and Yosemite. Also I have two monitors. Apple Cinema 27" (mini display port) and LG 21:9 (HDMI OR DVI-D)
    Can I install the GTX 970 on my Mac? Is this possible to continue using Apple Cinema Display with this video card? Need you help.

  14. Do you think it's possible to install the GTX 970 on a Mavericks system? I have some apps that prevent me from moving to Yosemite right now, but would love to find a way to use the 970 on this system. Thanks for your time!

  15. I got a EVGA GTX 980 SC today for my Mac Pro and it works fine on 10.10 but the HDMI wont work I'v reinstalled the web-drivers nothing seems to work currently using it DVI connection in OS X and switch to HDMI in windows Bootcamp has anyone run into this issue

  16. This is fantastic! I'm really in the mood for getting this GPU for my same Mac Pro. But isn't OS X limited to 2GB video ram? Maybe I've been given false information but I'm insecure. And isn't there a version of GTX 970 with regular 2×6 pin connectors? Thanks for the video!

  17. Thank you for taking the time to do this. However, it would make more sense to run the test in OpenGL under Windows; as you can't compare the results between OpenGL and Directx 11. That way we could have a real face to face between the drivers, on the same machine, running the same test (as in your PC 4690K, OS X versus Windows 8). That would be awesome if you could re-run the test under Windows selecting Open GL this time ! Anyway very interesting video; keep it up.

  18. I'm not sure why a mac pro would require a GTX 970? I could understand the hackintosh, if you dual booted Windows, which you apparently do. But what benefits does a 970 provide on a Mac Pro, without Windows installed, that a lesser tier card wouldn't be fully capable of? 

  19. just wondering dose this card work on Mavericks 10.9.5 cause im on a Mac Pro 1.1 with hacked software im not ready to deal with the beta boot loader for Yosemite and iv been running 2 GTX 660's in SLI for years now and i think i need a upgrade

  20. 2*E5520 (2,26GHz CPU without OC!!) vs i5 4690K for gaming… i5 4690K WINS ALWAYS and OC possible. I5 4690k its nice for gaming.
    Now you can use 2*x5690 on MacPro4,1 with 5,1 firmware instead by a similar Price to the i5 4690K… And say bye bye to Hackintosh "things". And 12 core 3,45GHz+turbo boost and 24MB cache. 
    You can SLI the GTX970 on PC with Windows and MacPro with Bootcamp/Windows using HyperSLI/DifferentSLI. 

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