Get Drivers for free Windows 7

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This Shows you where to get the drivers for Windows 7
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Driver website

See where to get Windows 7 for free


  1. well looks great,,,,but what are people who are idiots with computers to do? I am about ready to scream… husband and I are 60 and 70yrs old respectively….. we need simpler help,,,,,:(

  2. BUT while installing driver alert came like "window requires digitally signed driver " …?i think it will harm computer if i install driver that cannot prove IDENTITY of publisher..
    what should i do..any other way ?

  3. Hello,

    when i trying to install windows 7 i found problem no drives were found and i try everything i plug out my hdd and plug in in different cpu hdd didnot worked in other cpu and i try other cpu hdd it didnot worked in my pc tell me what to do i tried sata software drivers comed with my cd my motherboard is = dh61be helppppppppppppppppp!!!!

  4. why not just go to the manufacturer's website and download it from there?
    so you not have to take the risk of getting viruses. just go there and find the support tab and find drivers. punch in your pc model or serialnumber and your drivers should pop as you want , but this is just my recommendation.

  5. Used driver max for my GF's bus driver updates. Totally F-d it up. Wouldn't run after restart. Had to spend about 2 hours doing a system restore. I wouldn't recommend this software to anyone. Stay away.

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