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If you have a Acer Iconia W series running Windows 8.1 , then you could if you feel the need or excitement …install and try out the latest Windows 10 that will come out next year for sales and upgrades for the public , but i’t nothing like a straight up install and you will have to know certain stuff about installing drivers and you will also need a Usb Hub , keyboard and Mouse , cause after the install of Windows 10 , nothing will work yet , such as touch screen sound video and many other…


  1. I have Acer W1-810 with windows 10 installed but when i did the latest update of windows, the OS fails and not booting my OS, i just have an access to BIOS. Now when i power on my device it shows "'No bootable device". As per your video when i attached the bootable USB the message appears Boot option menu and Esc to exit.
    Please suggest me what should i do?

  2. i have installed the win 10 succesfully except i have a problem with the screen.when i rotate the tablet the screen rotates to the other side.i mean i have the tablet verticaly and rotates upside down.
    how can i fix it?
    can you help me?

  3. I had wipe the recovery partition like a idiot ,now I had instal win 10 but it ask for license key ,any advice ?my device is lamina 8 (lix8) .The instalation went verry ok ,except the windows key

  4. can i install windows 10 on A1-840 the same Acer Iconia 8?
    cuz this is W model, and am i be abble to instal windows 10 in A model?
    if yes can i use the same drivers for A1-840 from W1-840 downloaded from the web site for windows 10?
    actualy can i run clean windows 10 instal on A1-840 iconia tab 8?

  5. hola tengo una pregunta, veo que instalaste windows 10 en la tablet acer iconia w1, yo tengo la misma tablet y instale windows 10 desde update y no me deja recargar la energia estando encendida debo apagar la tablet, esto te sucede a ti, o que me recomiendas hacer para solucionar mi problema. muchas gracias por leer. 😊

  6. On my Acer W3 810 the first release of Win10 installed without trouble. After the big November Update however all drivers were lost.
    To anyone who like me doesn't have a working USB Hub handy: Luckily there is the "return to previous build" function in the system settings. Worked like a charm =)

  7. Hi, I have an Acer Iconia W510, but it's also running windows 8 and Not 8.1 Is it a problem by upgrade to win10?

    On I can find drivers for windows 8 and 8.1 Which should I download, if I want upgrade my tablet to windows 10?
    Thank U!!!! 🙂

  8. i have the same tablet  the  battery dosnt last at all  and i wanted windows 7 on it but that means iv gotta make a otg cable to use mice n keyboard lol  as i dont like win 8.1   im typing from the tablet itself

  9. A couple of tips.  Booting from the stick I was told to shut down and run set up from inside Win8.1 from the setup file.

    BE SURE that you set the text size small the Wn10 instructions don't fit the screens and cant be resized and you can't get at the "Accept" controls as you answer the questions. I was not asked for the key this way as it was already running win8.1 anyway

    Otherwise an excellent method

  10. hi

    thank u for the tutorial.
    i got a question regarding the product key.
    even if i had write my productkey of windows 8.1 windows 10 doesnt accept it.
    currently its in windows core installation which is not comfortable yet.

    do you got an idea how to solve this?

    thanks in advance.

    additionally windows 8.1 is still in windows.old folder.

  11. Hi Puck, thanks for the idea that windows 10 can be loaded in an iconia 8w. I also have the device, 🙂 just want to request the link where you downloaded the drivers?.The acer website only provides the drivers for the VGA.
    thanks again.

  12. Have installed all drivers required, and touch screen isn't working still. Any ideas? Also, thanks for the video! Subscribed. I was a bit worried about my purchase of the Iconia w8, (Due to windows 8) however having the ability to upgrade it to 10 now, makes it more than useful. // Edit, forgot to mention, no further devices to install on device manager after reboot.

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