Get Your Diamond VC500 Working On Windows 7, 8 and 10!

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VC500 –

I have no idea why my screen capture program didn’t capture the display from the VC500, another problem for another day.

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  1. ok, so i followed your directions and it didn't work on windows 10…the blue screen in grabber is a small display in the upper left hand corner of grabber…any other advice is appreciated…on a different USB driver I got a msg "Unknown USB Device (Port reset failed)"

  2. Thanks, this worked for me in windows 10 x64 – I went in to device manager, clicked View->Show hidden devices, and then found the Microsoft eHome IR device somewhere in the tree. I uninstalled the driver, and ezGrabber started working. I'm using the latest combined download from the diamond website.

  3. Your video is helpful however, you should clarify what version of the VC500 you're talking about. Your software is different than what I have on the provided CD. Even the EZGrabber is totally different.

  4. This works on Windows XP SP3. Yeah I know, XP. You will get two warnings when installing one for the video driver and one for audio driver from the disc that will say this has not been confirmed for Windows XP and you should cancel installation. Just ignore both warnings and press continue. Both drivers installed easily and verified as USB2.0 in Device Manager. So far I do not have any problems on my computer. There was also something that I saw about DirectX 9.0 but it went through because that's already installed on my desktop pc.

    The disc also contains 2 capture software, Power Director 12 and Ez Grabber. Power Director 12 also includes a video editing program so it's a hefty near 800 MB after install. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work whenever I click the shortcut icon or direct executable. I always get an error warning. So that was uninstalled.

    Ez Grabber at 10 MB after install is pure garbage and should be avoided at all costs. The saved video is very choppy and skips, and the audio plays at 2X speed on playback after the first hint of video choppiness or skip.Videos are saved only in avi even though other media such mp4 or mpg is selected.

    Surprisingly what program that has mostly worked with decent video clarity and audio is the old Windows Movie Maker. I did have problems when saving videos. Sometimes the file has no vid but audio and vice versa. But eventually I will get a correct saved file with both. I also disconnect one of audio outputs from (device to VC500) and connect that output direct to "Aux Line2-input" to the computer via with a 3.5mm adapter plug for a/v. Then chose either the Line-in or stereomix in Windows Movie Maker as the audio input. Whichever works. One caveat in my experience is that I had to work to adjust for each video is the volume of the audio. It could be too high or low, so multiple saves have to be done. Having a proper video editor would be preferred and easier to make for video and audio adjustments.

  5. works on 7 but NOT 10. The OTG102 is normal and is mentioned in the user manual instructions, it disappears when the real drivers are installed BUT IT DOES NOT WORK ON WINDOWS 10.

  6. Windows 10 fails to recognise the VC500 USB input, however you are correct in disabling the OTG102 and MicroSoft IR Receiver after inserting the USB as these are automatically added by Windows without prompt. I also downloaded latest software from Diamond website. Then rebooted PC, installed software and even Power Director 12 then worked fine. Any issues with 'Copyright Protected Media' are in fact due to poor VHS footage. If this occurs just stop VHS, save what you have, restart VHS and then restart recording with Power Director. I found black screens but this was due to settings (bottom RHS of Capture screen) which need to be tweaked in the Analogue Video box eg PAL/NTSC, choose Conexant Video Card in Video Setup Capture Device, etc. Just play around with selections.

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