Getting Started with Linux using Ubuntu 16.10 , Installing Packages, & Connecting to Servers

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This video is for getting started with Linux using Ubuntu 16.10, how to install software packages, and getting connected to servers.

A few people have noted that I should have recomended the LTS or Long Term Support version of Ubuntu as it does not require as many updates, that really comes down to your personal preferences.

I made a few mistakes in this video, here are the corrections:
*I said LTS versions are…


  1. Nice video but i buyed new pc and i have linux 16.10 on my pc, and i cant download anything it says file not candidate or something like that. Please help to me fix it <3

  2. Nice video for getting anyone started in Ubuntu. Can Ubuntu connect to a network share via hostname like smb://freenas.local? I always need to put it in via IP on my network. DNS is working. It does work in Windows. But Im not a fan of Windows.

  3. Totally great Video …. Accurate ,fast ,exact and without fluff ,coming from a broken mac book pro and never liked it s intolerance to change … thank you … Wonderful Vid ….

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