Getting Started with Windows 8: Importing Pictures

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Importing photos in Windows 8 has changed. Rather than using a desktop application, Windows 8 uses the photos app to mass import your pictures.

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  1. The first time I plugged my Iphone in, I got the notification (it had more listed than what was on yours). Don't remember what I selected, but ever since then, whenever I plug it in, it says, "There are no photos on this device," even though it actually took the pictures I had on there at the time and still had them stored on my computer! And now it won't import any more pictures! >:( Screw Windows! >:(

  2. So I tried plugging in my phone into my computer, but the message asking me what to do with the device at the top right corner doesn't show up. My phone is on too. I don't know what the problem is.

  3. I am sorry that I ever downloaded Windows 8. When I had Windows 7 , I had a spectular time importing my videos and photos, now I can´t seem to retrieve anything. I feel like purchasing an older model computer. I just have a small digital camera, and never had any problems until I bought this new computer and installed Windows 8.

  4. I truly hate this app. Is it possible to add Photo Gallery back to Auto Play to import pictures??? Or anything else other than the Photos app, something that will actually let me change settings for folders and file names for the pictures that are being imported.

  5. I have no trouble uploading the pics using my sd card and  my computer says they are in the photo section but they are NEVER there.I can't find them!I have looked everywhere I can think of!They are not found in documents,jpeg files,etc.I know they are on there somewhere but who knows where that might be.I don't have dropbox so they aren't going there.I miss the windows 7 program so much.I like that one alot better than windows 8.

  6. when i do this, the video files are only powered by powerdvd from windows 8.1. because of this i am unable to bring the videos into windows live movie maker and to edit them. can someone help me!

  7. In Windows 7, I can import pictures using Google's Picasa or Adobe products like Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop Elements.  How can I use one of these applications instead of the Windows 8 Photo app?

  8. The most pathetic windows version ever!It starts importing,shows complete..but where the hell does it import??Pictures is empty,changed the default folder ..that is empty….so WHERE DOES THE IMPORT happen???It is so annoying and frustrating!!

  9. I import from an SD card…and lately windows 8 is deleting fromn the card after import. I do NOT want it to do that, but if I don't uncheck the 'delete after import' box quickly, it will. I like to leave some pics on the camera card. I lost a whole day's shots recently because of this, AND lost them from the Picture gallery!! HElp. I too hate Windows 8 so far.

  10. i have a samsung galaxy s 2 and on windows 7 i could import from it but now that i have a new computer i click import pictures and it takes me to the screen you were at but it says no photos found but i know i have photos i can go to my other computer and still have it import the pictures but this stupid thing wont import them….

  11. Thanks for this tutorial. May I pursue this editing question a bit further? I have made some editing changes to my photos in Windows 8, but it saves the unedited version. Is my HP saving edited images somewhere, like a clipboard? Where are the edited images going? Thanks.

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