GNS3 Download, installation and configuration – GNS3 1.5.3 and Windows 10

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How to download, install and get GNS3 working. This video shows you how to get started with the latest stable release of GNS3: 1.5.3
Free software worth $200:
GNS3 VM Integration Video:
GNS3 Download:
GNS3 Component selection options (scroll down to “Here is a brief description of software” heading:
GNS Support (Go here if you need help):


  1. i have installed GNS 2.0.3 version on my pc and m getting different options on setup wizard.
    1. Run modern IOS(IOSv or IOU), ASA and appliances from non Cisco manufacturers.
    2. Run only legacy IOS on my computer.
    3. Run everything on a remote server (Advanced usage).
    could u pls tell me, which option i should go for?

  2. Hi, thx for the video.
    But I have a problem after installing Vios-2 which is when I run the MSW then I issue for example #show int g0/0 then in the output it say unknown Media Type which in the result of that SW can't do the negotiation for speed and duplex and reads all the interfaces as shared type (Like a hub interface) in the output of # show spanning-tree .
    I googled a lot about it but I couldn't find a solution to that, I also used different versions of GNS3 like 1.5.3 and 2 but the same issue.
    if you could guide me through that it would be great.

  3. Hello David,
    I really liked your video, very well explained and I was able to follow and configure the R1 & R2… thank you very much for your time on this video. I'm running the latest update GNS3: 1.5.4. I look forward to your other videos

  4. thanks a lot for great video,,,,i have spent so much to learn use GNS3 ,,,only after watching your helpful video i have learned more functions and learn how to use dis program by your help ,,,thank a lot again and ihave subscribed your channel and liked video ….

  5. Dear David
    first, thank you for the simple explanation video I really enjoy it
    2nd, while I install GNS3 the " The SolarWinds " asked me to register and I just canceled it.
    Q: Is it necessary to install it .. if its Yes How can I install it?

    sorry for my Language

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