Goodbye Xubuntu, Hello Ubuntu Mate!

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Thanks for your replies. I’ll have a special edition Comments Corner soon to give you my thoughts. I’m going to chill with some music – Don’t forget to subscribe.


  1. I started using Unix at work in 1986 and the IT guys said to have a separate root and home partition, that way if the os crashes then you still have your data. Windows 7 still is the best os because it comes installed by the manufacturer and it's been tested before release on the hardware. Windows 10 is about adds, trying to compete with Google I guess. Been using Xubuntu 16.04 since the release, been very stable. I had to buy a new motherboard for my HP desktop to get Linux distros to work without crashing. I love KDE Neon myself because the apps like Kdenlive are built with QT instead of GTK and you don't get the missing buttons plus the themes work.

  2. i give my honest opinion now tos Linux realy sucks and windows wins with all do respect to the linux community and all the hard working man and woman on the linux community i am done with linux mabe in 10 years but for now i even dumpt manjaro cinnamon that i love with ubuntu mate but it is frustrating becorse there is always something that not works in linux and on windows 10 all hardware works just fine and fast i Apologise to the linux community if i the feel attacked

  3. 16.04 needs work and that's all of the distros using it so stay away use the 14.04 LTS until the bugs are fixed and on the same note Manjaro 16.06 has the same problems so again don't bother..I know TOS you'll not use Arch but it's been on my desktop now for over a year..That's solid in my view..Anyway I hope you find something to use that works

  4. Glad you had backups, but definitely sucks since it's downtime that could have been better spent doing other things. Looking forward to more videos, as well as future impressions with Ubuntu Mate. Hope you have a great weekend Tos.

  5. sorry you had problems with Xubuntu. I will have to give it a go and see if it does the same. Anyway glad you have something to work on. I'm running spatrys mCOLE 1.6.5 Arch loving it. I'll be looking out for the news and nonsense love watching it with you on it you guys are funny and awesome stuff also.once i'm done tweaking the live out of these i will post screens on the forum.

  6. I'm propagating MATE since years, and nobody wants to listen. Already felt like the lonely caller in the desert. But weirdly enough, now that Ubuntu comes along with their own mediocre spin of MATE suddenly everybody loves it. Idiots ignoring the much better, less newbish, more adult MATE implications of Mint, Manjaro and other distros. Aren't we living in a strange and weirdly unworthy world, full of sheeples and retards and obnoxious yes-men?

    /me throws up a bit in her mouth. 😮

  7. Unfortunately ALL of the 16.04s have serious bugs that haven't been addressed yet. Right now 14.04.x or even 12.04.x are better alternatives. 16.04 probably won't be fixed until the first point release 16.04.1 and unless AMD gets their act together not even then for AMD graphics users.

  8. While I cant say I have had a perfect experience with Ubuntu Mate A) most issues specific to this flavor are ALL related to Compiz and B) other random crashes I fault the Ubuntu BASE on and to be fair … update after update, I see those less and less.

    These "popups" that mention something crashed … I close that box, clicking "report issue" and … NO program I have open "crashes" (as in what you think when using Windows) or no data is lost …well I have seen these issues in Lubuntu (never had that crash on me before), Kubuntu, and Xubuntu … so I fault the base and not any flavor specifically. The fact they seem to be working the issues out AND I am one of those "day1 installers" … well I can overlook bugs here and there when they are just more of an annoyance and they ARE getting fixed.

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