GPD WIN Unboxing And First Impressions Handheld Windows 10 Gaming Device

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In this video, I take a look at the GPD Win a portable Windows 10 gaming handheld.
I unbox it go over the specs and do a few gaming tests using Borderlands 2 Half Life 2 and Crysis.
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  1. Small Error in review.
    1) Speaker is on the bottom (only 1 very poor sound quality)
    2) Left side is air out vent (careful not to cover when under heavy load.)
    3) Right side is air intake for the fan

  2. I don't think the technology is good enough or cheap enough to warrant purchasing this type of device for gamer at the moment. Maybe in 5 years time it'll be faster and more compact.

  3. Nice system but I've seen loads of reviews on this & the fact you can't use the mouse when in gamepad mode is a pain when trying to use emulators. The screen orientation is also a big pain in the ass. I connected mine to a screen with a usb keyboard/mouse combo & used it that way. Also, the touch screen is useless because the text is so small. Not worth it for the price

  4. Would it be possible that you try out custom resolutions in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, my instinct tells me that this device would really benefit from resolutions like 1066×600 and 960×540. And they won't look half bad on the 5.5" screen.

  5. FYI My GPD Win has one speaker on the right hand side. Look into left side and see the fan and fan wires. +no sound other than fan noise comes from this port Nice if they have updated this.

  6. for the amount of money they want for this okish piece of tech they better have a fan so you can stretch the life of it out as much as you can! I will not buy one at the current price same thing as the dragonbox prya.

  7. I have both GPD models aswell. Been having a problem with the Win since early August, worked fine before
    Essentially the windows update that is gaming related screwed up my offline play for major title steam games, but the indie games works fine.

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