GPT manual disk partitioning guide for Ubuntu, Linux

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This guide will cover how to create partitions manually using a GPT (GUID Partition Table) partitioning scheme for Ubuntu, Linux

a dual-boot system between Windows 10 and Ubuntu on a single hard drive, you’ll be creating just three partitions – each mounted at / (root), /home and swap


  1. At 3:42, the divice for bootloader installation is the ESP partition, what does that mean ? Which partition ? The EFI.. but I thought that is just 150 MB ! In this video you created 4 partitions: 1. 150 MB EFI, 2. Boot 15 GB, 3. Root home and 4. Swap. So which one should I select for the bootloader installation ? Or are you suggesting that instead of selecting one of the "sdb1, 2 or 3" I select the top "sdb" just.. that is all of the sdbs ?

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