GPU passthrough. Playing Witcher 3 on Ubuntu through Windows 10 quest.

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This video was made to show that it’s possible to run games on linux at almost native quality.

Sorry for the potato video camera. Later on there’s separate recording showing the real ingame quality with Witcher 3 Ultra on GTX970.

I mainly used the tutorial from:

Other links that helped me get understanding on how to get it…


  1. I have the exact same specs. Could you help me setup your configuration? I'd appreciate it a ton! I have my GPU claimed as pci-stub but no OVMF setup. Running my very slim script doesn't output anything to my second monitor (one connected to GPU).

  2. in the video you talk about a way to do gpu passthrough with a graphical interface, i wasn't able to understand what the name was (not trying to make any offence btw) so i don't suppose you could reply to this comment and say what said program is?

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