Grand Prix 3 game runs very slow on Windows 7

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Running GP3; Windows XP vs Windows 7 x64
Pentium 4 @3GHZ with HT vs Core2Duo @3GHZ without HT
Radeon HD3650 (AGP) vs Radeon HD4550 (PCIe)
Why is this Game so slow on Windows 7 x64?


  1. try to remove all aero / animation effects from your windows theme, set gp3.exe file compatibility property ad windows XP SP2 , try to set run as administrator property. If not fix, download full gp3++ from here, , unzip it in C: (it should be exactly this folder) , after open c:GP3 and find gp3++ folder , with all links. Drop on desktop and find pdf manual for gp3++ game, it's in Italian but you can find some appendix and use google translate.

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