Grid Autosport – Ubuntu 15.10 vs Windows 8.1 – GTX 980

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Comparison of Grid Autosport on Ubuntu Linux vs Windows 8.1. Not a frame by frame comparison but it gives you a rough idea.

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  1. perhaps what is happening is not the "embracing" of linux but actually – the destruction of linux?
    Bringing it into the light – in order to destroy it through dishonest and poorly coded ports and versions of windows games.?
    Forcing people into one or two platforms. Windows. And Sony. Depending on who Bill Gates decides should exist.
    We do live in an age of poor reporting. When gaming "journalists" espouse the virtues of occulist rift and holo lens – and how "amazing" the beta demos are.
    But NOT ONCE – dare to speak out at the potential dangers of strapping powerful hardware and electronics in close proximity to your brain. Dr.Barrie Trower is on youtube and speaks VERY clearly about these dangers.
    I am surprised at the lack of support for linux in this review – it is still early days in many developers working with linux.
    Why not say: "I'm getting high fps with great performance on linux."
    Is even the windows FPS reporting software honest? I don't trust microsoft or its main key partners. Windows 10 the spyware app – is the ultimate betrayal. NEVER – will I feel comfortable using any windows device.
    Windows only worked properly (debatable); when windows XP arrived. Everything before then crashed and broke regularly.
    But you don't want your spyware crashing during reporting on what users are doing and saying – do they?
    Come on. Start thinking independently. Let's find the truth. Not just what we think is "better" performance. When that may even be another lie.
    Qui Bono? Who benefits?

  2. the difference is big, but of course you should double check the version of the driver being used, it makes a lot of sense than in the latest version many thing we're improved to make the experience better. I'm getting a laptop with the mobile version of that card soon, so I hope to get good fps, since for some unknown reason I prefer to play my games on linux always than I can, it makes it more fun.

  3. When you said you were getting interesting results, you weren't kidding! A difference of double the framerate on average is astounding. May I ask, are you using the 358 drivers? Btw, I appreciate the tag, it means a lot mate πŸ™‚

  4. +Jakejw93 – Linux Gaming
    Ok you can ignore my previous post cus that is obviously not the issue here.
    Something is very odd with the performance of this game. What NVIDIA Driver do you use?
    I use 355.06 from xorg-edgers repo. And I'm getting some pretty wired results here.

    I did that same benchmark with the exact same ingame graphical settings as you and this is what I got:
    Average fps = 35.66
    Minimum fps = 23.73
    Max. fps = 58.41

    Well that's not strange you might think. After all you have a very good graphics card!
    Here is the catch. I have a even better one!
    Mine is a Factory overclocked GTX 980 Ti 6GB
    And I'm literally getting half your fps!

    Maybe you are using a newer nvidia driver. Maybe Ubuntu 15.10 gets much better performance in games than Mint 17.2 that I use?

    I can buy that a game ported from Windows to Linux might not have the same performance on Linux as Windows.
    But that better hardware would get lower (and so much lower!) performance is just crazy.

  5. I wonder how windows version will run under linux with wine. Can you do a benchmark? That would be interesting to see as well. Gaming is the only reason that I am not switching to linux completely. I hope this will change eventually.

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