Grub Rescue : Repair, Restore Ubuntu | Kali Linux Grub Bootloader using Live CD

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Blog Tutorial:
Seeing nothing but the grub rescue prompt? Did Windows mess up your Master Boot Record? Using Ubuntu, GRUB 2 got you down? Who needs Live CDs? This video tutorial will show you how you can use an Ubuntu Live USB drive to reinstall GRUB, even when your boot device is inaccessible.

GRUB bootloader gets overrided if you install Windows after Ubuntu. I make this video tutorial on how to restore and…


    I followed the instructions and commands as it is . Even getting the same warning as u getting in video…the difference is when u type update-grub..u r getting the list of OS on ur system…but for me no OS is listed…

  2. Hello Everyone if anyone of you getting Warning after update -grub command
    i.e : "Warning Failed to connect to lvmetad……"
    then please be sure you have typed
    grub -install –recheck /dev/sda before update -grub command for more refer description of video

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