GTX 960 | FX-8320 Alien Isolation (OS Comparison) (Windows 7 vs 8.1 vs 10) (1080p60FPS)

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➨Since I always get asked which version of the RX 480 I use, this is the closest one that I could find (also the cheapest):
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As always, request more games in the…


  1. I remember when i first started watching your channel because my build was originally going to be setup very similarly to yours. Now my build is amazing and way more than i could ever have imagined. I currently have a core i5 4690k at 4.6ghz with a corsair h110 cooler. A radeon r9 390 xfx 8gb. A m.2 samsung 350 evo 250gb ssd and 6tb of storage for games and media. In a fractal design define r5. I got all the parts added up for about 950ish dollars(I got a lot of good deals). But it was your channel that made me even really want to get into gaming on a pc because I saw how well games ran on your hardware and it inspired me to build one. Thanks so much for all your work and every thing you do to keep the videos coming. Your channel is amazing and your work ethic is crazy. Good luck with your studies man!!

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