Hack Windows 7 Parental Controls! No download

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  1. if you guys are having problems doing this just follow those steps

    1. turn on your computer.
    2. When u see the windows/starting window force shut down the computer
    3. When u start up your computer, there should be a start normally or startup repair
    3. chose startup repair
    4. now wait until it askes you if u want to restore your computer using system restore
    5. Press cancel
    6.then wait
    7. after that there will be a window pop up ( if not you will have to try again, it does not always work on the first try)
    8. click view problems details.
    9. do all the way down and find a blue "link"" ending in .txt
    10. open it
    11. on the top left of the note pad or whatever click file
    12. then open
    13. click computer
    14. then find your main drive mine is :/c
    15. find where your parental controls root files are and delete it.
    16. then after all this on the buttom click cancel
    17. close everything and restart your computer

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