Hackintosh – Easy Multi-Boot Windows/OSX/Linux

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Very easy way to install osx, windows and linux. Not much else to say. I need to stop ranting so much!!!


  1. It is a good thing to have separate disk for each operating systems. I just wanted to ask that I have already have a pc windows 7 pro but I want to install osx on that pc on a separate disk, so can you please explain I can I do that?

  2. OK you mentioned that you have 3 hdds (sata 0, sata 1, sata 2). So where is your dvd drive connected? Isn't the dvd drive a sata device too? Sorry but I am building a hack, I install Windows 7 first, and plan to buy another hdd, possibly an ssd to install OS X. Then how or where do I arrange my OS drives to look like you showed graphically in your video? Sorry, but this is my first build ever even though I have use PCs for 25 years. Thanks.

  3. You recommend using separate disks, but what if I am on a laptop and can only use one disk (without lugging an external around)? What partitions should I make and in what order do I install everything? What if the disk comes with a recovery partition, will that mess with anything?

  4. Tried dual-booting per your method above. Successfully installed Win7 and OSX separately on their respective hard disks; however, chimera boots immediately into OSX. I would like to be able to choose at the chimera screen like you did instead of having to choose disks in the BIOS. Advice or link on TonymacX86? Many thanks. Love the vids

  5. Is your hibernation working on Win7 when booting with chimera?
    Because mine always crashes on wake up from sleep/hibernation so I have to BIOS select drive to boot.

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