Hackintosh Triple Boot win 7/ubuntu/OS X

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A project I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Everything finally came to fruition a few days ago. It’s not perfect yet, I’ve got some bootloader work to do and my ethernet on OS X doesn’t work out of the box. I’m still pretty excited about it though.

Gigabyte G31M-ES2L rev 2.x Motherboard
Intel E6600 Dual core CPU
EVGA geforce 9400GT
2 SATA HDD’s, one 250GB, one 500GB
any DVD drive — mine’s IDE, but SATA is recommended by most
normal ATX…


  1. @makkuroNova it's actually a bug that is affecting many users upgrading from Narwhal. Nothing is wrong with the GUID partition table, the problem is when the ubuntu logo appears, there is a message "Waiting for Network Configuration", and then, "Waiting 60 more seconds", and then "Booting system without any network configuration" and then the system will stuck there. we can still log in from terminal by using CTRL+F1

  2. @jimmykudo1 have you tried debugging the crash? I'd bet they rewrote something in one of the kernel extensions your mobo is using in some patch you applied somewhere. it's also possible that when you updated to ocelot it didn't partition the GUID table properly when upgrading… I seem to remember having issues if there were more than 4 or 5 recognizable partitions in one of the bootloaders. there's a few tutorials for figuring out the stack dump, I could point you to one if you want

  3. @makkuroNova after this comment, I brought a toshiba satelite p755, and did the triple boot with success, but I have new problems. OSX can't boot unless I use the iBoot disc, and with the recent release of Ubuntu 11.10, Oneric Ocelot, after I upgraded from 11.04, Natty Narwhal, all I get is the network error on boot. Windows is okay

  4. @jimmykudo1 i think it could be done. you might have to reinstall your OSes though. linux might be able to partition some of your free windows space to a new mac partition and go from there. I doubt windows can do the same, but there's probably a third party program I haven't heard of.

    If you can't partition without ruining your installs, you could just start fresh and format your HDD. from there make enough partitions and start with windows, then try mac and follow up with linux.

  5. my laptop is a lenovo t410i, it has an i3 processor with windows 7 on it. im not trying anything you said in the description because this laptop is not "mine" yet, it's my college's (St John's University in New York), if I mess up anything, I might get into trouble with the school.
    but now I do have a dual boot system, which is win7 and ubuntu, i used WUBI to install ubuntu from windows, and now i want to add hackintosh to the system and make it triple boot, can it be done?

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