Hands on with new features in Windows 10 Build 17083

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  1. Looks rather awesome but one thing I'd personally like to be able to do is get rid of anything xbox related as I'm not a gamer and use it for music production..it's just a pet peeve of mine not being able to delete the apps since I don't have an xbox so no point in my laptops and pcs having anything xbox related installed by default and would be great to see the choice to not install certain apps like the xbox ones during set up or refresh installing…but it is looking good…but control panel my friend…2018 may be our last time together lol Cool video too and I'm subscribing also..keep up the nice content! 🙂

  2. Great video nice and short pack with tons of information. One recommendations if you are going to promote Windows please dont slang off Microsoft. At least in Windows user have tons of control over privacy where the Mac users dont

  3. I wish they'd fix the MANY things wrong with edge and put back the SMB master browser functionality that was on all previous windows versions.   Buy hey that font thing sure is nifty for people who give a fig about that.   MS new target market – snowflakes – All sizzle and no steak.

  4. Lovely video sir, while watching your video I noticed one thing that all operations including clicking start button and such similar . are so smooth I also updated to 17063 but it's not so smooth.I have a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460 with Intel core i5 6200u with 8 GB ram and 2 GB Nvidia 940m graphics..Is this sufficient naa … to run insider preview smoothly …Can you please tell me your PC specs that you used for your insider update??

  5. Dark theme is still only partially implemented, no support for explorer and many other programs. The virtual desktops are still inferior to all the other OS. Can't even have different wallpapers on them. You always have to reconfigure your windows after you restart. There's so much interest on it on weekends feedback… But their priorities seem to be elsewhere.

  6. I love all the new Windows 10 stuff but it still doesn't look right. Its all washed out and things are in the wrong place. The start menu is still horrible, the way things are displayed just looks so unpolished compare to what you'd see in OSx or Linux Gnome 3. I love windows 10, but they need to hire new UI designers.

  7. I was on the fast ring but the last update for some reason killed my overclock. 4.5ghz set in bios but in windows 3.8ghz was all it would run and that did not change no matter which power plan I used. Went back to stable and my overclock worked again.

  8. Honestly always wonder what is going to go down on my 200 computers (that I take care of) every time a Windows update comes out. It was that way with Windows XP, and still that way with Windows 10. Nothing changes.

  9. When I got my new laptop(around 1st september 2017), I did a hard reset of it, downloaded "DWP"(Destroy Windows 10 Spying) and used it to disable updates. Currently still using build 10586.1176 and see no reason to update.


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