Hands on with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16251

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Welcome to my latest Windows 10 hands on video. This video is build 16251 of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and it introduces a new way of going from a web page on Android to Windows 10. There are also new Cortana options, new Windows Insider build options and plenty of bug fixes.
In this video I take a look at the new phone sharing feature, the new Cortana features, the new Windows Insiders options and many of the other changes.


  1. I hibernate my PC every morning to save £50 of electricity a year, so shutdown isn't so useful. It takes about 10 minutes to fully start after being switched off, as opposed to waking up from hibernation, which is about 1 minute – I'll be putting this comment on the feedback hub (asking for a Cortana command to hibernate the PC), wherever that is these days.

  2. Last few builds seem to have messed up nvidia gamestream. I can get it to work but the client screens flicker. Neither Gamestream to Shield TV or via Moonlight Game Streaming would work without the flickering. Could only fix this by installing older 378.92 driver. I hope this is fixed for the fall update release.

  3. I accidentally updated mine yesterday and now my 128GB SSD C drive is at 70GB used i've got 19 GB more , should i be worried?

    would it be ok if I don't update my windows 10 on it's next new build?

  4. Jeez…can the update process from Windows Update be even slower??!! each time an insider build goes out, i have to make a capture of the UUP directory and make an iso and run it from there. Believe it or not, the upgrading from iso is WAAAAAY faster than Windows Update.

  5. I have Creators update on my surface pro 4 and I tried to say to Cortana "Hey Cortana, turn off my pc" it doesn't work same with "hey Cortana restart my pc" but the "hey Cortana Lock my pc" only works for me

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